About Us
Over 40 years many people have worked, volunteered, or helped us with this project.  What we know now is a testament to their hard work and dedication to protecting and understanding this species.  
Chris Vennum
Chris is has worked on the Swainson's Hawk project since 2013.  He is currently a PhD student at Colorado State asking questions about juvenile survival, population growth and habitat relationships.  He is the driving force behind our work to include MOTUS technology in bird tracking.
Chris Briggs
Chris completed his PhD in 2011 working with the Swainson's Hawk in Butte Valley and continues to help advise the project.  After several years as the Research Director at the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, Chris moved to New York where he teaches and does research at Hamilton College.  He is primarily interested in migration and why there are so many different plumages in this species.
Brian Woodbridge
Brian led this project for many years through shear will and determination.  Brian's work was critical to discovering, and subsequent mitigation, of massive pesticide poisonings of Swainson's Hawks in Argentina.  He continues to provide advice, expertise, and even field assistance as his schedule allows.  
Michael Collopy
Mike helped oversee this project since 2004 served on both Chris Briggs' and Chris Vennum's graduate committees.